Friday, June 3, 2011


My Dad’s birthday was yesterday, and I was not there too celebrate with him.bcoz dia tengah mengerjakan Umrah skrg with my unty's,my nenek n atuk n my cousins..

lagipon My parents divorced when I was 16, I'm 24 now.(T_T).

I wish you a very happy and sweet birthday. May you have a sweet and joyful life ahead.
Even though I'm not very good at expressing my affection towards you,
I hope you know that you are still the most important ... 
You are the reason, I am.

ingat lagi my dad ckp aku lawa pakai tudung .(wktu dulu2 skolah rendah/menengah).hahaha,,but aku prefer buka tudung.belomtibamasapakaitudung.doa2kann anakmu ini menutup aurat..amin..

ur beautiful daughter

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merahitujambu said...

hujung pangkal hati sendiri =)

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